The event will provide in-depth insights into the invaluable role that EO data can play in shaping urban planning strategies. EO data and tools not only aid in the efficient management of city populations but also facilitate streamlined municipal operations. By capitalising on this technology, urban centres can proactively adapt to the changing needs of their residents, fostering more sustainable and livable communities.

Therefore, the speakers will explore the multifaceted applications of EO data in urban planning. From monitoring population growth and migration patterns to analysing land use and infrastructure development, they will showcase the diverse ways in which this technology can offer critical intelligence for decision-makers. In addition to its relevance in demographic management, Earth observation data proves indispensable in optimising municipal operations. The speakers will also delve into case studies and best practices, demonstrating how cities can leverage this information to enhance services, reduce operational costs, and promote the overall well-being of their citizens.